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Something awesome About Us

About Scholars Foundation

Premier institute in raipur for JEE/NEET Foundation, Olympiads, NTSE, NSEJS and CBSE. India’s 1st Institute focused in foundation education with highest possible quality.

Scholars Foundation is an institute which not only preaches high standard of ethics and value systems but also follows the principles in letter and spirit. Therefore, we always tender honest and appropriate advice to every students and his/her parents. To succeed in today’s world cutthroat competition, one must have a special strategic approach. Our faculties keeps on guiding the students into IIT / Medical Colleges. A healthy amicable relationship with the staff members of Scholars Foundation not only helped us to retain the core team but also attracted top notch faculties from the other institutes.

In marketing itis often said “For the first time a good salesman can sell dirt as gold, but the second time, it is only the quality of the product, which sells “Retention of our core faculty team helped students / parents gain confidence in us over a period of time product, which Subsequently, the extremely good and positive word of mouth helped us keep away from unnecessary marketing / publicity and we could focus just on core academics without inflating expenses, which in turn helped us to keep for the fee low even while employing the best of the faculties.

With a teaching experience of several years our faculties have developed the expertise and methodology required to generate confidence among students to excel in complete exams. We constantly update our teaching pedagogy to keep our students abreast with the changing exam patterns.

Just to ensure that finance doesn’t become an obstacle for the deserving students in achieving their career goals, we provide free coaching to needy students which also serves as our way giving back to the society at large.

The success rate of our students and their continuous support and feedback endorse out commitment to student excellence.

Our talented faculty leave no stone unturned to guide a scholar and to help them gain that crucial edge in today’s competitive world. Our talented alumni regularly keep in touch with us and give regular pep talks to motivate our students to achieve their goals.


We believe that IIT-JEE aspirants should be devoted and dedicated towards the attainment of their goals, with a view to perform better and better.

Main Objective

The main object of Scholars Foundation is to provide equal study opportunities to every student appearing for IIT Medical, Olympiads, NTSE, NSEJS Entrance, examinations


We focus on building a strong base and concept clearing of the student instead of profit earning. Choosing the Best IIT Coaching Institute in India is the foremost decision.


We get successful results of the students. We only hope for toil hard from the students as we are giving our best for IIT JEE NEET & other exams Preparation.